E-Pay Frequently Asked Questions

For questions regarding E-Pay, send an email to epay@latrustee.com

What should I use as my Username?

Do I have to use E-Pay?

Once I have registered, do I have to use E-Pay every month?

What is my E-Pay Online Bankruptcy Payment ID

Do I need to remember and input my E-Pay Online Bankruptcy Payment ID every time I log in?

I have forgotten my password. How do I get a new one?

Can I change my E-Pay password?

What types of bank accounts can be used to make bankruptcy payments through E-Pay?

Where do I find my Checking/Savings Routing and Account numbers?

Do I need to input my Checking/Savings account information each time I make a payment?

What happens if my payment is returned as Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)?

How soon will my bankruptcy payment be taken from my bank account and be posted to my bankruptcy case?

Will I receive a receipt upon making a payment?

Is there a ceiling to how much I can pay at one time?

Can I make partial payments?

What is the Administrative Processing Fee of $3.00?

Are all of my bankruptcy payments listed in the E-Pay Payment History?

Why is my E-Pay account locked?

What is the difference between E-Pay and Autopay 13?